.Sarah is on maternity leave following the arrival of Florence in the world in January.

As you may expect little Flo has been photographed many times to the point that even at 4 months old she has learned which is her best side and how to smile for the camera.

Yesterday was her Uncle’s birthday ( my youngest son) and he was given a framed pic of him with his niece taken in the studio just a few weeks ago. He also had a great set of speakers which he has wanted for a while and some of his favourite but expensive smellies.

It is obviously early days but the gift that certainly he initially cherishes the most is the photograph. Not only that but everyone keeps looking at it and commenting on how nice it is.

As a photographer I remember that when I took the shot I wondered if i had the correct coloured backdrop to go with the shirt. The lighting was good and the expressions nice but his arm is far too dominant in the photograph. Ironically his hand was much better placed in the next image . I was analytical about it as a photograph.

As a father and grandfather however the photograph is so much more than that. I am proud to have taken it and feel good having given it as a gift .

It has also made me realise how our clients must feel when they look at the photographs that we take in the studio . It has validated what I do over and above the payment that we may get for having provided a service.

I also became aware that this pic is forever – over and above the many digital snaps that Florence has had taken since she was born.

It may not get the attention of the Royal Wedding photographs but to us it is more important.

Stephen and Florence
                                             Stephen and Florence

You want to see the photograph? stephen and florence