so where is Batman?

We are all aware that Gotham City is a fictitious town but it made me wonder where Batman really lives?

It has to be somewhere which has an international airport close by – as Gotham City does. It has to have an International marina for the multi million pound yachts of the rich and famous. Again Gotham City has one and it also needs an art gallery.

Gotham City has commissioner Gordon the head of the local Police and so the town needs a substantial Police presence with its own Chief of Police.

We also know that Batman’s secret lair is in the side of a quarry so it would have to be somewhere with a quarry that has been developed and had extensive building work done to conceal what really goes on behind the face of the quarry.

The town would need banks that are being robbed by the local baddies and it needs its own coastguard or lifeboat because we know that in times of trouble Batman has helped them out .

So does anyone know of a town that has all of these characteristics and if like me you have your suspicions – who is the real Batman .

In case you think that I am letting my imagination run a little too wild has anyone noticed the statue on Portishead Waterfront? Who built that and what are they trying to tell us?

Portishead Superman
Portishead Superman

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