.Sarah is on maternity leave following the arrival of Florence in the world in January. As you may expect little Flo has been photographed many times to the point that even at 4 months old she has learned which is her best side and how to smile for the camera. Yesterday was her Uncle’s birthday

Christmas Eve- Family Shoots

” We would love to get a family photograph done like that but we never get everyone together”. We hear that comment or something similar all the time  which is why this Christmas we are giving you a great opportunity to get  everyone together. We are opening our doors on Christmas Eve especially for groups

31 dogs

When Angela brought Bronson and Dora in to the studio in support of the Claws and Paws animal rescuers promotion she warned that Dora was skittish and may not be up for it. Needless to say Dora was completely at home, stole the show and is looking to sign up for a modelling agency .

Summer is here..

..and we are so lucky to live in a lovely town which offers so much. We are surrounded by great countryside, beaches round and about and generally some gob-smacking locations that will present awesome photographs . Over the next few weeks we will post some more images at different locations – sit back and enjoy.

Top dog..

The photograph in this post is not a very good one to be honest but it was taken very quickly as this dog came up behind me to take a sneak look in my camera whilst I was photographing someone else. I just turned round and took a snapshot and it had stayed on my file for
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