Christmas Eve- Family Shoots

” We would love to get a family photograph done like that but we never get everyone together”.

We hear that comment or something similar all the time  which is why this Christmas we are giving you a great opportunity to get  everyone together.

We are opening our doors on Christmas Eve especially for groups with a minimum of 3 generations of the same family.


As we have one of the largest studios in Bristol we can cope with greater numbers and our largest single party consisted of 27 people though we worked out that we could comfortably have added another 10 people to that group.

Whilst we do these shoots all over the year, Christmas especially is time for family and that is why we put days by just to focus on family groups. There may be no other time of the year when you are all at the same place at the same time .

Christmas 2017 is especially brilliant as the 25th falls on a Monday and many people are travelling up on the Friday and Saturday and will be together on Christmas Eve itself .

We are limited to 4 families. 

They will be 1 hour long and whilst we will ask for a £25 deposit to prevent wasted appointments , this will be available for spend when you come back to do your viewing. 

Experience has show us that this type of shoot will be popular so do follow the link below if you wish to take us up on the offer.