Christmas Eve- Family Shoots

” We would love to get a family photograph done like that but we never get everyone together”.

We hear that comment or something similar all the time  which is why this Christmas we are giving you a great opportunity to get  everyone together.

We are opening our doors on Christmas Eve especially for groups with a minimum of 3 generations of the same family.


As we have one of the largest studios in Bristol we can cope with greater numbers and our largest single party consisted of 27 people though we worked out that we could comfortably have added another 10 people to that group.

Whilst we do these shoots all over the year, Christmas especially is time for family and that is why we put days by just to focus on family groups. There may be no other time of the year when you are all at the same place at the same time .

Christmas 2017 is especially brilliant as the 25th falls on a Monday and many people are travelling up on the Friday and Saturday and will be together on Christmas Eve itself .

We are limited to 4 families. 

They will be 1 hour long and whilst we will ask for a £25 deposit to prevent wasted appointments , this will be available for spend when you come back to do your viewing. 

Experience has show us that this type of shoot will be popular so do follow the link below if you wish to take us up on the offer.


31 dogs

When Angela brought Bronson and Dora in to the studio in support of the Claws and Paws animal rescuers promotion she warned that Dora was skittish and may not be up for it.

Needless to say Dora was completely at home, stole the show and is looking to sign up for a modelling agency . Not bad for a resue dog who is still settling in to her new home.

If you would like to donate just £15 to support this great cause and get some lovely pics of your best friend both in the studio and on location – click here .


Top dog..

Dog Photography

The photograph in this post is not a very good one to be honest but it was taken very quickly as this dog came up behind me to take a sneak look in my camera whilst I was photographing someone else.

I just turned round and took a snapshot and it had stayed on my file for over 2 years until I read an article all about him published by the Daily Mail.

This well written piece brings home the special relationship between a dog and his owner and whilst his life was one of great adventures that other dogs can only dream about , they all have special places in your families just like Reuben did with his. Fortunately Reuben came from a family of photographers and so they had some proper images to remember him by.

If you want to know more about him then read here and get your hankies ready.


The photograph of Billy the Kid..

.. discovered in the USA has been described as the most valuable photograph ever taken and will sell for over $5 million. What is incredible however is that the very same print was sold for less than 80 cents just 5 years ago.
So what has changed to make it so valuable ?

Physically – absolutely nothing . It is still battered and damaged and most of us would have ignored it if we had seen it sitting in a box in a local charity shop. The raw materials are probably worthless even for their scrap value but suddenly the owner of this document has hit the jackpot because of the marks made on this thin metal sheet by a photographer less than 150 years ago.

If you look back in your own family history , you will probably find photographs that may not be as old as Billy the Kid but they are just as rare and just as cherished by the owners. They may not be worth $5 million in the open market but they are priceless to us  – as they may be the only surviving photograph of a lost generation.

Those photographs exist because our forefathers took the time to visit a professional studio and to leave a record for future generations to enjoy.

Nowadays however everyone has the ability to take photographs and whilst that should in theory increase the heritage for future generations many photographs only exist on social media for a matter of hours before they become yesterdays news. They may be stored on discs or computers that have a smallish lifespan or on they are printed on poor quality cheap photo paper that will sadly not last the test of time.

At Perception we believe that we have responsibility for safeguarding your heritage and so all of our products are built for longevity. We use high quality paper, solid timber frames and all of our products come from high quality manufacturers . Heaven forbid that the next Billy the Kid lives in Portishead  – but if he comes to us for a photograph then his photos will still be going strong in a hundred years time.

If you want to read more about the recently discovered photograph click here