The photograph of Billy the Kid..

.. discovered in the USA has been described as the most valuable photograph ever taken and will sell for over $5 million. What is incredible however is that the very same print was sold for less than 80 cents just 5 years ago.
So what has changed to make it so valuable ?

Physically – absolutely nothing . It is still battered and damaged and most of us would have ignored it if we had seen it sitting in a box in a local charity shop. The raw materials are probably worthless even for their scrap value but suddenly the owner of this document has hit the jackpot because of the marks made on this thin metal sheet by a photographer less than 150 years ago.

If you look back in your own family history , you will probably find photographs that may not be as old as Billy the Kid but they are just as rare and just as cherished by the owners. They may not be worth $5 million in the open market but they are priceless to us  – as they may be the only surviving photograph of a lost generation.

Those photographs exist because our forefathers took the time to visit a professional studio and to leave a record for future generations to enjoy.

Nowadays however everyone has the ability to take photographs and whilst that should in theory increase the heritage for future generations many photographs only exist on social media for a matter of hours before they become yesterdays news. They may be stored on discs or computers that have a smallish lifespan or on they are printed on poor quality cheap photo paper that will sadly not last the test of time.

At Perception we believe that we have responsibility for safeguarding your heritage and so all of our products are built for longevity. We use high quality paper, solid timber frames and all of our products come from high quality manufacturers . Heaven forbid that the next Billy the Kid lives in Portishead  – but if he comes to us for a photograph then his photos will still be going strong in a hundred years time.

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