Watch Me Grow..

If you have looked over the website you will see that we are proud of the fact that we are ” Watch Me Grow ” photographers.

“Watch Me Grow” is actually a registered trade mark belonging to the Master Photographers Association and each of the 200 studios in the UK who legally wear the badge have been vetted both in terms of the quality of the photography that we offer as well as the products that we sell. Not only that but we have to commit to levels of ongoing and continuous training which is designed not only to provide you some great works of art for your home – but perhaps more importantly to do so in a way that is safe for your child.

On all “new born” shoots we work with a “spotter” – who is a member of staff who is responsible for the well-being of your child throughout the shoot and makes sure that your little one is content and completely happy throughout.

If you check the internet there are some fantastic baby photographs out there – many of which take your breath away. It is important to realise however that many of them are what is known as ” composite photographs” – that is they are more than one photograph blended together in photoshop. It would for example be unsafe to dangle your baby from a hammock in the way that some photographs seem and new born babies do not have the ability to support their head in their hands in the way that some of the photographs make it look.

Photography is not a regulated Industry and so you need to take care before entrusting your new born baby to someone. Has your photographer been trained to work safely with them. There are many people offering baby photography who are not trained and at least 1 major studio in the Bristol area uses the trademark without permission and in fact one of the bigger discount clubs advertised the term ” Watch Me Grow” but they have now stopped doing so.

So better safe than sorry and if you are thinking of trusting the safety of your little one to someone else- do check to make sure that they are trained in the handling of babies and are not just out of college and learning on the job.